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Moving forward hopefully!

by Jeremy on February 4, 2013

Moving ForwardWe wanted to post an update for every one. We had a follow up appointment Friday and we were blessed to have had a meeting with the head of the visa department. She certified our documents and checked over the kids paperwork so that when we go back they don’t have to make the trip. They requested another letter from Spain and we have to get our FBI clearance letter renewed.

The good news is we now have a direct contact with someone in authority at the consulate and we are encouraged and feel like are moving forward. The official was nice and even attempted to get the higher ups to make exceptions for us. She sympathised with us and said that they constantly make changes to the requirements and it can be hard sometimes to keep up.

We had a great and encouraging visit with our friends In San Bernardino and we got to spend some quality time with the kids at a dinner theater. We are hopeful this last phase of the process moves along faster as we were also told that they process the visa application electronically so once everything is in place it could be as soon as two days but no more than two weeks.

Thank you all for your prayers and support and hopefully we will have more good news in a few weeks!

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