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The Fantastic Paper Work Update! (No we don’t have our letter yet…)

by Jeremy on March 12, 2013

It is getting harder and harder to think of new ways to say that we are waiting on paper work! That is still the case though as I sit here writing this post. Maybe as I write the FedEx guy will knock on the door and hand us the letter like he did last time!

Our last trip to LA went well, even though we didn’t get our visas we had some small victories, we got a direct contact with a high-ranking official in the consular office, the kids got certified so they don’t have to go back and we had a great and encouraging visit with our friends in San Bernardino. While talking with them we shared about how hard it has been emotionally for us to be basically sidelined. We really do want to write more updates and be more active on our blogs and social networks, but you can only say we are waiting in so many unique ways before it starts to get to you.

If we were still in a mode of fundraising and were traveling and speaking then it would feel a lot different since we would have new and exciting things to say. Since everyone has come through so faithfully and we have been able to save a lot of money of our own to put away, we don’t have to be on the road for necessity and have been spending our weekends with family. I want to make an important note (not that anyone has said anything or asked) I want to make it clear that we are NOT living off the money that has been donated to the ministry. All of the donated funds have been deposited into a savings account that we have not had to access except to reimburse ourselves for our insurance. All of our travel and day-to-day expenses we have been paying out-of-pocket as I continue to work in my web design business. That said we would still love to speak anywhere anyone would want us to speak even if not as missionaries but just as guest speakers.

We speak with the church in Spain on a weekly basis if not more so we know what is going on, we hear about their struggles and their needs and it kills us to not be able to do what we do best because God has gifted us and created us to do it but we can’t. Our friends suggested we start writing about other things besides Spain so I will do my best to start writing more articles and share some book reviews as we have had a lot of time to read lately.

Karen and I took a weekend away last week to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and as we drove and talked she mentioned how grateful she was that we as a family have a strong relationship and as a couple we have a very tight bond. The world around us has been in turmoil and she commented that most people wouldn’t have been able to live our lives and last 14 years. Our secret which is no secret really is that God is our center, and while there is chaos and turmoil about us, there is peace, unity, and harmony with-in. The storms can rage, and batter the outside, but what is inside grows stronger and quieter.

That seems to be the theme of it all, God as our center.

Thank you all for your prayers! We couldn’t get by without them. It looks like the FedEx guy will not come while I write, so we will keep waiting patiently.

The pictures below are pictures of the letters we have, and we are waiting for. I guess I am wierd, but I like looking at government documents and thought maybe some of you would like it too. Click the picture to make it larger.

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