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Where Have We Been? Plus a Pleasant Surprise…

by Jeremy on November 12, 2012

Redeeming the Waiting - Clock detail of La Torre del Rellotge in Barcelona SpainIt has been about a month since we last posted any news. Honestly it was getting hard for us to come up with anything new to tell people. That is the frustrating thing with where we are now, there is nothing new. No new news, nothing encouraging, nothing exciting…

It has honestly been a struggle lately to keep positive when it feels like you have really lost a lot of momentum. At The Church, where we have been congregating while we are in town, Pastor Ernie has been preaching from the first chapters of Acts, and one of the major themes of those chapters is waiting. Pastor Ernie preached an excellent sermon a few weeks ago about redeeming the waiting, or waiting with a purpose and that message was encouraging.

We have kept in pretty constant contact with the CFC in Spain and they have been encouraging us. I hope that when we look back on what we have done while we waited we will be able to say that we used the time well. While I have been working on several projects in my business, Karen has been able to spend some valuable time with her mom and dad, helping them prepare for the winter and frankly whatever may lie ahead with her father’s health. We have both rested on the knowledge that God is in control and he as gifted us time to use for his glory and our benefit.

One distinct advantage is that we have both had a chance to catch up on our reading and maybe we will share some book reviews on the site in the near future 🙂 who knows it could be fun.

I have laid out some articles for this month that I will be sharing, a couple of reactions to the recent elections in the US and some of the developments in Spain regarding their economic and political crises.

One reason we haven’t posted any videos is we found out that cameras shouldn’t be cleaned in the washing machine… We just got the replacement this week so we will have a video this Thursday.


White I was typing this post the FEDEX guy knocked on the door and handed me a letter from Spain!!! Our letters finally arrived so now we just need to get our appointment squared away so we can go back for our follow-up!

God is great and he makes all things good in His time.

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