If You Would Like To Support Us…

You can donate now using your credit/debit card online through our affiliate Partners in Action.

When Noah was little and we first moved to Mexico he found some acorns in the oak grove below our house.  He asked me what they were and I explained to him that if you plant them in the ground  an oak tree will come up.

He quickly dug a little hole and planted the acorn in the ground and covered it up again.  He stood staring at the newly planted acorn then turned to me and said “Daddy, that one must be broken… why hasn’t the tree come up yet?”

We have learned the value of planting seeds and we know the joy in cultivating that seed and seeing it grow into a tree over time.  The most impressive thing is, that acorn that fit in a small child’s hand, over time would become a great oak tree.  We view your contribution to our ministry in the same way, any gift great or small, we cultivate it and care for it and wait for God to multiply it.

We are really just God’s gardeners planting seeds, but we need the help of other people to gather the seed to plant, and God provides the growth.  We are so grateful for all the people over the last 8 years who have helped provide us with seeds to plant and if you would like to participate with us in planting and cultivating seeds you can contribute to the new ministry in Spain by making a donation today.

Your donation amount is up to you, but we have 2 goals:

    • First we need 300 Brave Contributors to donate $100 or more to help us get to Spain (See the article Our New Mission By The Numbers to see how we came to that sum)
    • We are also looking for 150 people to commit to $20 a month, to support our projects while we are on the field (Learn what we are doing personally to support the mission)

…we know that there are some people who can give more and we know there are people who would love to give more and can’t so what ever you feel led to give, be it more or less, we appreciate it!

You can donate now using your credit/debit card online through our affiliate Partners in Action. → 

If you would rather donate by sending a check you can send it to:

Partners In Action
7729 E. Greenway Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Important:  Mark your memo Jeremy and Karen Francis Spain.

We are also looking at some expensive travel costs to get to Spain, if you would like to donate frequent flier miles please contact Jeremy to find out how.

Thank you in advance for all of your support, we truely appreciate every donation and invite you to join us if you can in Spain to see for yourself how your seeds are being cultivated and multiplied.