Ministry Time Line

Introduction: Below is the power point that we use when we are sharing our ministry with The Churches that we are visiting. After the power point is a detailed timeline of ministry (More Picture Coming Soon) from our earliest experiences until we finished the work in Mexico.

Karen started teaching Sunday School classes at age 10 and has sung in church since she can remember, starting at probably 2 years of age.  She was always willing and ready to help in her father’s ministry, he was a pastor with the Assemblies of God her whole childhood and many years before and after.  She began going on Mission Trips around the world in 1992 and served in Alaska, England, Ukraine, Spain and Mexico.

Jeremy helped with his parents’ ministry to children from the time he was 13 and that is also when he started his Mission Trips to Ensenada, Mexico each year from 1990 – 1998.

July 1996:  Jeremy and Karen’s first Mission Trip working together as leaders of the Ministry Team in Ensenada, Mexico.

July 1997:  Jeremy was leader of the Mission to Mexico with White Mountain Bible Church and Karen was happy to be a leader on his team (we led 28 kids on this trip).

1996-1998:  Jeremy was an assistant and then interim Youth Pastor at White Mountain Bible Church in Show Low, AZ, while attending college.

1997-1998: Karen worked with children’s ministries at Esperanza Assemblia de Dios and Central Assembly of God in Springfield, MO while going to college.

March 1999: Jeremy and Karen were married!

August 1999:  Jeremy and Karen left for Spain where Jeremy finished his degree in Spanish and International Politics at NAU/University of Granada.  They also worked as College/Young Adult leaders and helped build the new church for Centro Familiar Cristiano (Family Christian Center).

July 2000-2003:  Jeremy and Karen returned home to Northern Arizona and took the Children’s Pastor position at Flagstaff First Assembly in Flagstaff, AZ.  Within just 2 years they were ministering to everyone 0-18, acted as interim pastors for nearly 9 months and took on music ministry.   They welcomed their first miracle, Noah Daniel, into the world in 2003 and shortly after returned to Show Low, AZ.

2003: Jeremy and Karen preached and ministered at Show Low First Assembly of God while Jeremy worked for Bear Canyon Ranch, a home for abused and at risk boys as a counselor.  Karen worked as a translator and an Early Intervention Therapist. It was through Bear Canyon Ranch that our relationship with Partners In Action (PIA) outreach ministry began.

2004-2005:  Jeremy and Karen moved into Camp Grace, a camp ground in Lakeside, AZ for underprivileged youth and ministry center, as directors and renovators.  It was in September of 2004 that they welcomed miracle number 2, Belen Salome,  into their lives. In the spring of 2005 they started preparing their new home in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.  PIA has a history of working with local ministers to help in their ministries throughout Africa and they wanted to spread their ministry to Mexico and asked Jeremy and Karen to go as their first Missionaries.

March 2005: First trip to Campamiento Tierra Promitida (Camp Promise Land, our soon to be new home) in El Encial, about 12 miles from Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

June 2005:  another trip to the camp ground with a missions team to help remodel our new home

October 2005: moved to Tecate and Campamiento Tierra Promitida and began working at Rancho San Juan Bosco:

Cooking; Groups and projects; Staff training: psychological, discipline; biblical and art classes with the boys

Clinic: dry wall, reception area, desks, painting, décor, dental area, bathroom finished, wood working, cement slab, medical out reaches.

November 2005: Assisting Sinai Baptist Church, guest speaking in Tijuana and Tecate at Baptist churches

November 2005: Group from Escondido, CA

January 2006: Started attending Rey de Reyes Assemblia de Dios (King of King Assembly of God)

February 2006: Started guest preaching and singing at Rey de Reyes Assembly of God;First Baptist Church of Boulder, Colorado group helped  with clinic build

March 2006: Started children and music ministries at Rey de Reyes

April-May 2006: Started youth ministry at Rey de Reyes

May 2006: Grace Church of San Bernardino, CA started their Missions Trips to Tecate with their first trip at Campamiento Teirra Promitida and Rancho San Juan Bosco.

June 2006: Clinic opened and was dedicated and then outreaches began

July 2006:  White Mountain Bible Church Youth Missions Team of Show Low, AZ raised the roof and doubled the size of Rey de Reyes church in just four days!

August 2006: Ground Zero group of Chicago – VBS in Loma Tova at Rey de Reyes

Fall 2006: Started working with WTK (Wa Ta’ Luz — Big House Kumiai Children’s Home): maintenance, cleaning (too many times to count), walls and bunks built, mold removal, painting, stairwell wall and chalkboard addition added, home addition and renovation, drywalling, ministry and outings, library, holidays

November 2006: Noah, age 3, starts kindergarten at Monte de Oca (Kindergarten starts at 3 and there are three years of kinder)

December 2006: We moved to Tecate, lived at RSJB nearly 6 months and became full time lunch cooks and helped with any and everything; Terry and Jasmine Suo and Family group from Sacramento, CA Christmas Food distribution at  RDR Loma Tova and El Hongo

February 2007:  White Mountain Bible Church of Show Low, AZ  group helped with clinic build      

May 2007:  We moved to a new HUGE house which was such a blessing as groups could stay with us

Spring 2007: First visit to Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, AZ and a great relationship formed with Pastor Mik Milem and future student missionaries. GCU 6 member team—VBS Tour, 3 days of VBS in Testerasco, Valle de las Palmas, El Negi, and  Loma Tova

August 2007: Ground Zero from Chicago, IL  group – VBS Loma Tova;  Belen, age 2 years and 11 months, starts kínder with Noah at Monte de Oca

October 2007: 2 week trip with Lilly (our Pastor’s daughter who became like our own) to Arizona and California support churches, GCU and Azusa Pacific University Missions Fairs

November 2007: GCU 40 member medical/building team: Testerasco and Sierra Azul nurse home visits to the elderly. Kitchen tiled, cleaning, and tin roof added at WTK.  All 40 stayed in our house! We had NO water that weekend due to road construction-PTL for our extra water tank!                                      Hosted our first Thanksgiving in Mexico with WTK and RDR youth and leaders invited.  Cooked 2 turkies and no left overs 🙂

December 2007: Grace Church of  San Bernardino, CA started their tradition of bring Christmas to the WTK kids.  Azusa Pacific University student missionary Stephanie visited and helped us get ready for Christmas for all our ministries.  Also, Suo Family Group from  Sacramento, CA with Food Distribution and ministry to Loma Tova and El Hongo with help from the RDR Youth and worship team.

April 2008: Moved to La Hacienda neighborhood of Tecate.  Youth cell group started.  PTL for big homes! Lots of youth stayed in this house.

June 2008:  Jeremy GCU Student Missionary (became Uncle Jeremy very fast) 🙂

August 2008:  Ground Zero Chicago  – VBS in Loma Tova

Fall break 2008:   Nicole and Haley GCU Student Missionaries–wall and chalkboard paint addition added at WTK

October 2008:  Azusa Pacific University Missions Fair and visit to Grace Church SB

November 2008: HUGE thanksgiving with 3 turkies and WTK, RDR Youth (the youth helped me cook all day and we ate around 5 til 8, not much left over either)

Christmas 2008:  Jeremy Testerasco, WTK and Loma Tova kids.  Grace Church Christmas with WTK and Suo Family Outreach at Loma Tova and El Hongo.

Feb 2009:   Jeremy and Alicia GCU Student Missionaries, Helping Hand Ministry of Los Angeles, CA–HUGE donation to the benefit of churches in Loma Tova, Tecate, Valle de las Palmas, Testerasco, WTK, Rancho San Juan Bosco and gave us the ability to help families who came to our home seeking help.

March 2009: Easter with RDR and relationship began with Sister Guiterez from El Centro, CA who  made dresses for WTK girls and sent shirts and homemade checker games to the kids. Group from LA County, CA—Testerasco kids event, RDR visit.  We visited and preached at New Life Assembly of God in Calexico, CA with Pastor Quinones.  Our youth worship group played and sang for the Valle de las Palmas Outreach night and sectional council of the Assemblies of God.

Spring 2009:  Started working at the Tecate Mision of RDR with Pastors Rodolfo and Martha Cervantes, doing Children and Music ministries.

April 2009: Moved AGAIN to Pedgral Neighborhood. Another lovely big home to house our boys and us, also a few mission teams.

Spring 2009:  Pelon moved in,  1st Easter hunt WTK and RDR  children’s ministries (1st ever for the church)

June & July 2009: Student Missionaries/Interns Daniel and Corrin;  VBS on Steroids w/students & RDR youth 3 days each in Testerasco, Valle de las Palmas, Loma Tova, Tecate

October 2009:  Azusa Pacific University Mission’s fair, spoke in Class about missions; visit to Grace Church of San Bernardino, CA

Christmas 2009:  WTK Grace church; Jasmine group Sacramento, CA

April 2010: Visit to AZ and Jairo moved in

July 2010:  Newburg Friend’s Church of  Newburg, Oregon group  put on addition to WTK house with two new bathrooms and 4 large rooms and a common room and sent Karen and the WTK kids to camp for a week.

Aug-Nov 2010:  finished up work on WTK addition (dry wall, tape and texture, flooring, bunks and moving kids in)

August 2010: Ground Zero of Chicago, IL — VBS in Loma Tova; Efraim and Miguel moved and started school. Our kids started Freinet elementary school.

October 2010: Grace Community Church of San Bernardino, CA — RDR Loma Tova  expansion project

Christmas 2010: 4 Boys in our home, WTK  Christmas with Grace Church of San Bernardino, CA 

Easter 2011:  WTK and RdR Egg hunts

Early summer Efraim moved out and got married.

July 2011:  Trip to AZ, for Karen’s  Momma and Daddy’s 50th

August 2011:  RDR Loma Tova’s VBS–1st that the church ever put on by itself, proud to see them all work so hard and succeed, we only helped out this year: J- tech, K- teacher 3-4 years olds.  Our kids in Freinet School again and Miguel starts Prepa with scholarship to the same school (Prepa is 10th -12th grades).  Ground Zero of Chicago, IL — VBS at RDR Tecate Mission.  Grace Church of San Bernardino takes some very underprivileged BUT deserving little ones  to EL Trompro (The Top) Children’s Museum in Tijuana.

October 2011:  Jasmine and Terry Suo– Food Distribution and visits to RDR and WTK

Christmas 2011:  Christmas with WTK and Grace San Bernardino. Our last service with Rey de Reyes, God began to open the doors for us to leave for Spain, we just did not know where we were going yet at this time.

February 2012: January Miguel moves home to help his family.  Pelon moved out into his first apartment and started Bible College.

March 2012:   Testerasco Children’s outreach with Grace Church of San Bernardino and WTK kids.  It was an awesome chance for the WTK kids to help minister and teach others what they had learned, they did great!

April – June 2012:  We got to travel and minister and then attend a wonderful church of friends/dentist for nearly 8 years, David and Erica Cervantes with DentiCer Dental Clinic and Grupo Unidad Cristiana (United Christian Group) Cardenas in Tecate.  We were privileged to preach and teach and just receive from God’s Word.  We also continued our work with WTK and were thrilled that GUC Cardenas adopted them as a ministry as well as us as their missionaries.

July and August 2012:  Fund raising and speaking at the churches who have faithfully supported us and others that would have us.



Groups we have been honored to work with:

White Mountain Bible Church of Show Low, AZ

Show Low First Assembly of God

Harvest Baptist Church of Escondido, CA

Grand Canyon University (Pastor Mik)

Terry and Jasmine Suo and family and Harvest Church of Sacramiento, CA

Grace Church of San Bernardino, CA (Youth Pastor Todd Thompson and Sr. Pastor Steve Spray)

Grace Community Church of San Bernardino, CA

Ground Zero Chicago, IL (Pastor Matt Sharpe)


Student Missionaries and Interns:

Jeremy, Alicia, Haley, Nicole, Corrin, Daniel, Stephanie, and our boys, most of who are now in full time ministry and Bible College: Rodrigo (Pelon), Miguel, Efriaim (a new daddy), Jairo and Ramon.


Churches we have ministered in:

Monte de Horeb Baptist, Tijuana, Baja California,  Mexico – Pastor Dario

Rey de Reyes AG, Tecate and Loma Tova – Pastors Rudolfo and Marta Cervantes

Nueva Jerusalen, Tecate – Pastors Lupito and Olga

Rosa de Saron AG, Valle de las Palmas – Pastors Eduardo and Rosy

Canyon del Oro AG, Tucson, AZ – Pastor David Filner

Living Faith, Snowflake, AZ – Pastor Larry Presbynsky

New Life AG, Calexico, CA – Pastor Quinones

Show Low First AG, Show Low, AZ –  Pastor Midyett

Grand Canyon University Chapel, Phoenix, AZ

Grupo Unidad Cristiana Cardenas, Tecate – Pastors David and Erica Cervantes

Show Low Church of God, Show Low, AZ – Pastor Kevin Weaver

White Mountain Bible Church, Show Low, AZ – Pastor Paul Jorden, Pastor Matt Winslow

White Mountain Christian School, chapel, Show Low, AZ



1000’s of sermons and stories, 1000’s of songs and millions of hours, all well spent!

If we left someone out, please let us know we want to recognize your contribution to our ministry.