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The First Snow

by Karen on November 12, 2012

Well it is officially COLD in Arizona!  We hear from Spain each week but nothing on when our letter will arrive yet. The letter is in the hands of God but also the postal service so it is a waiting game still. We have come to realize that God has us here for a reason. What exactly that reason is we do not know, but we trust Him to do His will in our lives.

We have enjoyed being with our family in this season of “limbo” and seeing the kids build relationships with them has been a blessing.  This is the longest period of time we have had with family in the last nearly 9 years.

It has been a blessing to be with my daddy as he will soon be going to be with Jesus.  It is hard to see him each day and see that he is hurting yet good to be with him.  We have helped momma get ready for winter and just in time too as we woke to our first snow fall Saturday morning.  About an inch fell Saturday and it was beautiful to see the snow fall throughout the day.  We had to buy coats as we only packed for the warm weather and our coats are in the shipment.  We have had to get warmer clothes and have donated the kids summer clothes to make room for the them.  The kids have grown so much since we have been here.  Noah has gone up 3 shoe sizes just this summer/fall.  They grew so fast that some of their summer clothes were still new.

I guess it all reminds us that as nature becomes dormant and sleeps, everything has its season.  In a sense we too are in a dormant stage I suppose.  Yet even though the grass, trees, and flowers sleep, they are working toward spring.  We too are doing the same.  Jeremy stays busy with his internet business and the kids and I are doing our best at home school and we are studying and receiving from a wonderful church.  We too are growing and intently waiting our spring, or maybe I should say Spain.


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