Our New Mission By The Numbers

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August 13, 2012


Estimated Budget

You may have heard about Karen and her goal of the Brave 300, but you may be wondering what would that $30,000 we are raising go to?  This is the worksheet we put together to help us plan for our new mission.  You might notice that our numbers exceed $30K by about $2500 but it turns out the cost of exporting our office and library was much more than we were quoted and airfare has increased since we first made the plan, but God is good and we know that he will help us make up the difference.

Expense NamePhaseCategory Estimated Cost 
Travel InsurancePre-DepartureTravel, Insurance $ 5,000.00
Passport RenewalsPre-DepartureTravel $ 175.00
VisasPre-DepartureTravel, Living $ 190.00
Plane TicketsTravelTravel $ 4,800.00
Export Fees and ShippingTravelTravel $ 2,000.00
Rent1st YearLiving $ 6,000.00
Estimated Gas, Electricity, Water, Garbage1st YearLiving $ 3,968.00
Internet1st YearOperations $ 640.00
Telephone1st YearOperations $ 200.00
Cell phones (2)1st YearOperations $ 1,312.00
Office Supplies1st YearOperations $ 1,200.00
Printing Materials1st YearOperations $ 1,000.00
In Country Travel Expenses1st YearOperations $ 2,000.00
Monthly Bus pass1st YearOperations $ 1,824.00
Education1st YearEducation $ 1,000.00
Books estimated at 150 euros per child1st YearEducation $ 300.00
School supplies1st YearEducation $ 500.00
Uniforms1st YearEducation $ 400.00
 Total Estimated: $ 32,509.00

You’ll probably notice that there are some obvious things missing from the list like food and entertainment or household appliances or furniture like you would find in most household budgets.  Jeremy works hard in our home business to help offset many of our expenses so anything extra that is not really ministry related comes from his work.  We are committed to working hard to also contribute financially to our ministry just like so many people have done, we won’t ask anyone to do for us what we wouldn’t do ourselves.

Some notes:

      • The government of Spain requires us to pay for 1 full year of full coverage, no deductible, no co-pay insurance before approval of our visas
      • We are shipping our office equipment, library, winter clothes and the kid’s toys (they have given a lot already and we are so proud of them) we are not shipping any furniture or appliances they won’t work in Spain
      • The kids will be attending public school in Spain.
      • We will not be using a car the first year.  Spain has an extensive public transit system so we are going to do our best to live near the ministry and use public transportation.  When needed we will rent a car.
      • Gas in Spain is around $9 a gallon
      • Rents in Spain are actually lower that the US and even Northern Mexico

As of this writing we are about half way to our $30K goal through some very generous donations, love offerings from our speaking engagements, the sale of our personal household goods before we left Mexico and savings from our home business.  We will also be selling our car before we leave for Spain which will help contribute to the bottom line.

If you would like to sponsor a line item on the chart or would like to be part of our “Brave 300” you can click here to donate.

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