Is Spain Going To Say Adios To It’s Most Well Known Tradition?

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October 3, 2013


Reguengos de MonsarazIn hard times, some people will try almost anything. The government of Spain is considering switching time zones to make their citizens more productive AND saying ¡Adios! the traditional siesta.

Spain first changed time zones in 1942 when the dictator Franco wanted to synchronize his military machine with that of his potential allies in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The change in time meant that while Spain is on the same time as the rest of Europe, the sun rises at a later hour meaning that life in Spain starts an hour later than the other countries in the same time zone.

The thinking is that by moving Spain into a time zone more inline with their global position and in sync with the United Kingdom, people will be more in sync and even though they will start their days at the same relative time chronologically they will be starting an hour earlier… or something like that. Is anyone else confused by that?

Being from Arizona we shake our heads at anyone who thinks that manipulating the clocks makes people work harder or better, it just makes them more confused!

Anyhow as things get crazier, people grasp at anything to try to find a solution. Do you think that manipulating time zones will help make people more productive? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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