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Noah and Belen

Noah and Belén’s Wild Flight

by Karen June 23, 2013

Noah in the copilot seat and Belén in the passenger seat

Noah and Belén had a cool opportunity to fly in a commuter plane a on June 22 as part of a promotional event for a local aviation club to get kids interested in aviation. We got up early Saturday morning so that they could make their flight before we left for Safford. The kids were excited […]

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From Noah and Belen

by Karen November 12, 2012

Belen:  It’s cold. Its 40 degrees at noon. The ponds are frozen and cold! There was an inch  of snow, but it’s melting. Yesterday it was snowing and snowing! I wonder if  they make  coats for chickens or coffee for dogs? Because I have a coat and hot tea each morning and   they don’t. […]

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by Karen September 11, 2012

It is never easy to wait, especially if you are an impatient person!  (I would not know anything about being impatient…I want it done and I want it done NOW!)  However God asks us to “wait on Him” (Ps. 27:14; Ps. 37:7; Ps. 40:1; Is. 40:31 just to name a few) and it says He […]

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What Will It Be Like For Noah And Belén In Spain

by Karen August 30, 2012

Noah and Belén are very used to Latino culture but the move to Spain will definitely be a change for them. The biggest change for them and probably the hardest will be the diet.  They are very used to candy with chili (we shave a TON to pack in the suitcases) and tortillas and spicy food.  Belén has missed her frijoles (beans) […]

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